Uploading Your Design

Hit the blue 'Choose A File' button above.

Next select your image - we accept uploads from your device or if you prefer, from a Google Drive or Dropbox account. The maximum upload size is 100mb.

Once you have selected your file, our image previewer will show you your design. From here, you have a selection of tools you can use to crop, rotate or otherwise enhance your image - play around until it's perfect! If you want to start again, click the local files tab on the left and reupload your design.

Please note: the previewer and editor only works when uploading standard image file types (jpg and png). You can still upload Adobe Creative files with your order, you just won't see a preview.

Once you are happy, click the blue button labelled 'Add' in the previewer.

Now go ahead and add the product to your cart - You're ready to purchase! You can review your design at anytime with our handy cart previewer - for a full size review you can follow your unique upload link in the cart.