Image Guidelines

Although we use high quality pads for every customer, the clarity of your design will be dependent on the quality of the image you provide to us, so please follow our recommended guidelines below when submitting your design. We also ask you to be mindful of the edges of your design, as the manufacturing process we use means the edges on our products will need to have at least a 10mm tolerance. You will want to avoid any text or focal points of your design near the edges.

When you upload a design, a preview of that image will be displayed for verification. This only works if you use a JPG or PNG file as an upload. If you have a PSD or other file ready to go and are confident it is exactly what you want, then you can upload that image and skip using our preview.


1. PSD templates are available for download for each size. The templates display light blue guides in where we recommend you don't put any important parts to your design. These lines won't be printed on your final product (only visible in Photoshop/GIMP). 
    2. Save your file at the highest quality possible:
      • JPG, PNG, PSD or PDF
      • Use at least 150 PPI resolution. We can accept higher if provided.
      • Have your file using the CMYK colour space.
      • Allow a 10mm tolerance on the edges of your design. Stitching will take the colour of your design.
      3. Follow our Terms and Conditions.