About Us

In 2019, iD GAMING’s humble beginnings started out in a living room in Essex, UK with one focus. How do we bring style and substance into an industry that we have seen grow from its infancy? Long gone were the days of bland beige desktops and CRT monitors – in its place the letters RGB echo throughout every Amazon wish list and “gifts for gamers” blog page.

For us it’s more than that – what inspires us most is knowing each and every person that passes through our site has an opportunity to create something that speaks to them on a more personal level; something they love, something they're passionate about, something that reminds them of their younger years, or maybe something that reminds them of a moment lost to time. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, and we’re passionate about creating a hub for creativity. YOUR creativity.

The first vehicle for that creativity were custom gaming mouse pads and desk pads.

In 2020 we moved into our first office located in South Woodham in Essex!